Common Nails is Construction News, Views and Reviews.

My goal here is to provide the most useful construction related information for professionals operating in the lower mainland area of British Columbia.  I know that you can get information from any number of sources, that’s why I always try to provide a bit more. That may mean editorializing news posts or maybe contextualizing product reviews with story drawn from my own experiences of those of my clients.

I want to educate as well as entertain readers with posts on new and innovative technologies or techniques. I want you to find what you are looking for, be it a new contact for a specific job or a clarification on a rain screen detail that you are just not sure about. I don’t know everything but I DO know a lot of professionals.

I also want to sell you stuff. Not going to beat around the bush about that one. Most of the products that I talk about I can supply to jobsites in the Vancouver area from my home base at Northcoast Building Products or thru my many friends and associates in the industry.  I won’t mention that again…much.

I want to hear about what brings value to you. What kind of content would you like to see? What turns you on about construction? Got ideas? Hit me! Think something sucks? I have a high tolerance for criticism and I NEED to know about it. NOW… Email me at heystupid@johncdavies.com


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